Cambodian first: Bayon Cereal to launch country’s first low GI rice and snacks to target diabetes surge

Cambodia-based exporter and producer of rice Bayon Cereal is planning to launch three low to mid glycaemic index (GI) products next year, after achieving certification from Australia’s Glycemic Index Foundation (GIF) and being spurred into action after attending our Healthy Ageing APAC Summit.

The products are a mid-GI rice (GI = 62), a low-GI rice (GI = 55), and a rice cake. These products are also Cambodia’s first low to mid-GI products certified by GIF.

GIF is a not-for-profit health promotion charity aiming to help consumers make healthy food choices, through its front-of-pack low GI symbol. Apart from Australia, the symbol has been introduced in New Zealand, Canada, US, EU, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India and now Cambodia.

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