Cambodia urged to upskill garment sector to Industry 4.0 level

A study from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has suggested Cambodia should consider developing industry transformation maps in key sectors to enable the transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) with adequate investment in skills development for new and repositioned jobs.

The ‘Reaping Benefits of Industry 4.0 Through Skills Development in High-Growth Industries in Southeast Asia’ report, which covers Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, assesses two industries in each country deemed important for growth, employment, and 4IR. Based on employer surveys, the study reports large potential returns to businesses arising from productivity increases from 4IR technologies.

“The future of jobs is at the heart of development in Asia and the Pacific,” said director-general of ADB’s sustainable development and climate change department, Woochong Um. “While jobs have been lost to automation in recent years, new jobs will emerge as new and disruptive technologies are adopted. Now is the time to invest in skills development that will help displaced workers acquire the abilities necessary to move into new jobs and help job-seekers access quality jobs for greater prosperity.”

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