Cambodia opens new international airport near historic Angkor Wat

Old airport near iconic temple site is being retired.

Commercial operations began Monday at Cambodia’s newest and biggest airport, designed to serve as an upgraded gateway to the country’s major tourist attraction, the centuries-old Angkor Wat temple complex in the northwestern province of Siem Reap.


A Bangkok Airways flight from Thailand was the first to land, with 16 additional flights scheduled for the first day of operations at the Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport.

The airport, which was built at a cost of about $1.1 billion on 1,730 acres of land about 25 miles east of Angkor Wat, boasts an 11,810-foot long runway. Construction began in 2020 to replace the old airport, about 3.1 miles from the temple site, which is being retired in part because of fear that vibrations from frequent flights were damaging the temples’ foundations.

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