Cambodia, Myanmar Workers Face Adversity as Outbreak Devastates Industry

Workers in Cambodia and Myanmar are facing severe hardships as the spread of the coronavirus decimates their country’s economies and causes widespread factory closures, prompting them to take to the streets to demand assistance from their governments.

In Cambodia, where the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19—the disease caused by the coronavirus—has held at 122 with no deaths in recent weeks, more than 100 workers held a protest in front of the Hulu Garment factory in the capital Phnom Penh on Monday demanding full benefits following a suspension of operations on March 24 due to a decrease in orders from international retailers.

The workers, representing around 10 percent of employees, have been protesting since April 22—except for a break during the weekend—after factory management a day earlier informed them that the facility would close down for good and asked them to quit with the promise of some, but not all, of their benefits.

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