Cambodia is optimizing farming yields with big data insights

Big data might hold the key to unlocking the sustainable potential of the battered Cambodian agriculture sector.

Cambodia’s agricultural economy has been taking some major hits over the last two decades, but can an analysis-driven combination of big data and the internet of things (IoT) help make a difference in the sector like they have done elsewhere in Southeast Asia?

The corrosive effects of ongoing climate changes and a significant dropoff in production output have been hailed by industry watchers as the main reasons why Cambodia’s agriculture sector has seen growth decline from 7.2% in 2003-2007, to 4.5% between 2008-2012, and is now just around 1% in recent years.

The agriculture, forestry, and fishing sectors combined are contributing nearly 9% less to the country’s GDP than they were just six years ago, as the two contrary effects of prolonged droughts and floods have decimated harvests, destroyed maize-planted land, and limited access to water needed for replanting.

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