Cambodia grows apparel exports to nearly US$8bn

Cambodia recorded an 18.5% increase in apparel exports in the first ten months of the year, new figures show.

Data from the General Department of Customs and Excise for Cambodia under the Ministry of Economy and Finance show apparel exports amounted to US$7.75bn in the period from January to October, representing an increase on $6.54bn a year earlier.

The export figure represents around 41.3% of Cambodia’s total foreign income of $18.75bn for the period.

Cambodia’s exports of non-knitted apparel and clothing accessories increased 25.1% to $2.23bn in the first ten months of the year, as compared to $1.79bn in the previous year. Knitted apparel, meanwhile, saw growth of 16% to $5.51bn from $4.75bn last year.

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