Brewing up nicely: Cambodia’s rapidly growing taste for craft beer

Following a global trend, the craft beer industry in Cambodia is growing at a rapid pace. Where has this newfound appreciation come from and why are companies choosing to launch there?

Craft beer can be a hard sell. How do you convince people used to paying US$1 or less for a pint of beer to fork out three or four times as much for something new and different?

In Cambodia, craft beer breweries are gradually winning people over. Craft beer first took hold as tourists and expats wanted similar beers to those available back home. Now, Cambodians are also ordering craft beers as new offerings come onto the market.

That market is growing rapidly. New companies are selling new beers to a thirsty new clientele. Between 2014 and 2018, the number of breweries rose from two to nine. There are now 12 brewpubs or microbreweries in Cambodia.

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