Better Factories Cambodia showing real results

Better Factories Cambodia (BFC) says its programme is showing real results in the working conditions of garment workers but admits there is more work to be done in relation to gender differences in areas such as wages and harassment.

The BFC, which is a partnership between the UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), engages with employers’ and workers’ organisations, government partners, and international apparel brands to pursue dual objectives of improving working conditions and firm competitiveness. It was recently extended for a further three years.

“Results show that factories receiving the full package of BFC services achieve improvements in compliance systematically above the industry average,” says Sara Park, Better Factories Cambodia programme manager. “This is a strong indication that commitment to improving working conditions, through an integrated approach of greater compliance enforcement, training, and advisory services, are key determinants of both business success and the well-being of workers.”

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