As Rice Exports To EU Drop, Dealers Are Reducing Prices Due To Tariffs

As exports to the EU have fallen, farmers said that rice dealers were using the tariffs as an excuse to lower rice prices in the market, leading to losses for farmers.

Government data showed that Cambodia’s rice exports to the European Union had dropped by 30 percent in 2019, after the economic bloc imposed tariffs at the start of last year.

Ministry of Agriculture data showed that rice exports dropped from 300,000 tons in 2018 to around 200,000 tons last year. At the same time, China has increased its imports, after the country’s leaders agreed to increase rice trade to 400,000 tons a year.

The European Union imposed tariffs for three years starting January 2019, after Italy triggered protectionist measures to safeguard its rice sector. The tariffs were around $200 a ton in 2019 and will fall to $140 for the third year.

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