A wild Cambodian Bensley experience: Sustainable luxury tourism in Cambodia

Can luxury and eco-friendly sustainability be mutually compatible? Southeast Asia Globe sat down with serial luxury hotelier Bill Bensley at his wildest experience so far in Cambodia.

Saving the Planet is a nifty slogan, with widespread appeal among environmentalists, officials at lipstick manufacturers and luxury companies alike. Yet few organisations offer substantive ways to do this; forsaking straws at the cocktail bar of your beachside resort represents but a tiny drop in a sea of fish-choking plastic. The problem with a potentially catastrophic challenge on the scale of climate change is always the same – how to have a genuine impact, and where to start.

Architect and hotel designer extraordinaire Bill Bensley offers a quantum leap with his new Shinta Mani Wild, a luxurious resort in southern Cambodia. With 15 out-of-this world villas tucked amongst pristine jungle along the raging Thmor Rung River, this is the ultimate fantasy nature resort for upscale travelers. It’s also classic Bensley, as villas abound with antiques and art, and each boasts a unique theme, from botanical and explorer motifs to a quirky riff on Jackie Kennedy, who visited Cambodia in the 1960s. One spectacular option for checking in is to soar over the rainforest and a waterfall on Southeast Asia’s longest zipline, right into the lodge’s lounge area.

In full: https://southeastasiaglobe.com/a-wild-cambodian-bensley-experience/

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