7,700 Cambodians Out of a Job after Online Casinos Shut-down

Some 7,700 Cambodians have lost their casino jobs between August and December, 2019. The Cambodian government begins inspections to see if casinos have complied with the ban.

With the new year, Cambodia has enacted a forceable shut-down of its online gambling industry, leading to massive layoffs. Some 7,700 Cambodians have lost their jobs between August and December, as a result of the clampdown, and more jobs are at risk, government officials warned on Tuesday, December 31.

Amongst the most severely affected is Sihanoukville, a hub for online gambling where multiple casinos have been running targeting Chinese mainland players. After Cambodia Prime Minister, Hun Sen, issued a warning in August, many properties have begun to shut down.

And the ban, as per Mr. Sen’s warning, will be permanent. The prime minister was bowing both to pressure from China as well as showing a genuine concern for the interests of Cambodians nationals. According to reports, foreign criminals have been using the online gambling industry to launder and extort money.

In full: https://www.gamblingnews.com/news/7700-cambodians-out-of-a-job-after-online-casinos-shut-down/

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