5 life lessons with Joffrey Thin-Gris of The Aviary Hotel, Siem Reap

While we might not be going anywhere at the moment, we can still dream. Here is some life advice from one of Siam Reap’s finest hotel’s General Manager.

When I first moved to Cambodia, there was an occasion when I was very upset with my neighbour for throwing a party and creating way too much noise. It was a little disrespectful. I told my staff about it and they went like “Joffrey, why can’t you be happy for them? They are having a good time.”

It dawned upon me that I was being too individualistic and self-focused – in the West, people tend to focus on the self rather the community at large. Cambodians, however, derive happiness from around them. If you are happy, it makes them happy. Since then, I have learnt to be happy for others.

In full: https://www.asiaone.com/money/5-life-lessons-joffrey-thin-gris-aviary-hotel-siem-reap

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