Worker Crushed to Death At Sihanoukville Port

A 36-year-old stevedore was killed while unloading cargo at the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port on Saturday, officials said.

Ros Veasna, on his first day of work at the port, was standing on the dock adjusting a metal container as it was being lowered onto a stack when the mechanical arm holding the container slipped, said Thai Rithy, deputy director of the port.

Mr. Veasna’s foot snagged on the container below. Unable to move aside, he was crushed to death by the container above, Mr. Rithy said.

“It is an unfortunate incident; no one wanted it to happen.”

The port would give Ros Veasna’s family 6 million riel (about $1,500), while the Kota Bintang Cargo Company would give an additional $2,000, as the accident was connected with the company’s ship, he said.

Leap Savorn, Ros Veasna’s wife and mother of their young daughter, said she had received only 2 million riels (about $500) from the port, and nothing from the shipping company.

Mr. Rithy said on Sunday night that the rest of the money would be delivered soon.

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