Worker Arrested for Beating Foreman to Death

A 26-year-old construction worker in Phnom Penh has been arrested for allegedly beating his foreman to death over unpaid wages, a police official said.

“He took revenge. When the foreman went to nap in his hammock, he took a stick and hit him twice on the forehead as he slept,” said Chim Sitha, the police chief of Dangkor district.

Workers had just finished laying the foundations of an apartment building at about 4 p.m. on Sunday when Chhit Borey had a falling-out with his foreman, Kea Hort, Mr. Sitha said.

According to the account Mr. Borey gave to police after his arrest, the two quarreled over 40,000 riels, or about $10, in unpaid wages.

As the quarrel ended, the foreman “playfully” kicked Mr. Borey’s buttock, and took his fateful nap soon after, Mr. Sitha said.

Mr. Borey escaped to Takeo province that night but returned to work on Monday morning and was arrested by police inspecting the crime scene, the district police chief said.

Mr. Sitha added that Mr. Borey was to be sent to court today.

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