Woman Killed by Machete During Wedding Brawl

A woman was killed by a machete thrown by an unidentified assailant during a wedding party in Kompong Speu province on Tuesday that descended into a brawl between relatives of the bride and groom, police said on Wednesday.

Ty Pov, deputy chief of police in Odong district, said 33-year-old Ses Sreydoeung, who was not related to the couple, was struck in the neck amid violence that broke out during a post-wedding dance party in the district on Tuesday evening.

“At about 9 p.m., when guests and relatives of the groom and bride were dancing together at the wedding party, someone who we have not yet identified became angry during the dance when they were accidentally hit. Then the fight started,” Mr. Pov said.

The brawl lasted for 10 minutes, he said, escalating to such a frenzy that revelers began hurling objects, including the machete.

“They took glasses to throw at the other side and then an unidentified person took a machete—from where, we don’t know yet—and threw it and it hit a woman who was standing nearby.”

Ses Sreydoeung succumbed to her wounds en route to the district referral hospital, Mr. Pov said, adding that police investigators were questioning all family members present during the fight in an effort to identify the machete-thrower.

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