Verdict Date Still Unclear in 2014 Tycoon Murder

More than two months after a verdict was due in the trial of a former military general and his bodyguards accused of the 2014 murder of a wealthy businessman in Phnom Penh, a lawyer and a court spokesman said on Tuesday that there was still no timetable for a judgment.

Thong Sarath, a real estate tycoon, is accused of ordering the brazen killing of Ung Meng Chue, 53, as he exited his Lexus SUV in November 2014 outside a fruit store.

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Police escort murder suspects Ly Sao, 28, left, and Sieng Veasna, 44, out of a van at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on December 2014 Mr Veasna is the alleged gunman in the fatal shooting of businessman Ung Meng Chue. Mr Sao is the suspected getaway driver. (Siv Channa/The Cambodia Daily)

The trial of Mr. Sarath and his four bodyguards wrapped up in April, and the Phnom Penh Municipal Court had announced May 5 as the expected date of the verdict.

However, the court has since remained quiet as the tycoon’s lawyer, Tuot Lux, said on Tuesday that no date had been set because of the “complicated” nature of the case.

“The reason is that the case is complicated and…they need time to thoroughly inspect it,” he said.

“We are satisfied with the time taken for a thorough consideration.”

Court spokesman Suos Vithyearandy said he had no idea when the verdict would be issued or about the reason for the delay.

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