US Expatriate’s Body Found Near Koh Pich

The body of 59-year-old American Ken Cramer was found in the Tonle Sap river near Koh Pich island a day after he fell into the water while disembarking from a party boat along Phnom Penh’s riverside.

“We found the body on Thurs­day evening at Koh Pich, then we brought the body with embassy officials to the Khmer-Soviet hospital,” said Un Sam Ath, Wat Phnom commune police chief.

Others on the boat said he slipped on the wet gangway and fell into a rushing current.

Ken Cramer arrived in Cambodia in the early 1990s as an election observer, taught in Sihanoukville, founded Canby Publications and regularly published tourist guides for Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and other sites in the country, and also reported on Cambodia through his blog.

He was a regular contributor to online expatriate forums using the name “LTO,” short for long-term observer, and a forum thread on the website Khmer440 notifying members of his death had over a hundred of comments expressing shock, grief and condolences for his family.

He is survived by a wife and two children.

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