Unionists Arrested by Undercover Police Out on Bail

Two unionists jailed since February 2 have been released on bail by the Kompong Speu Provincial Court, although they remain charged with incitement and intentional violence in connection with a protest outside the Cerie garment factory, officials said Thursday.

Yong Leap and Touch Srun, both officials for the Free Trade Union, were arrested by plainclothes officers and bundled into an unmarked car outside the factory in Samraong Tong district while protesting against the firing of three workers.

Witnesses at the time did not describe the protest as violent, and the Garment Manufacturers’ Association in Cambodia—an organization that represents factory owners—said the unionists had followed legal procedure in their protests over the firing.

The two union officials were bailed by Investigating Judge Men Vannak on Wednesday following a request from their lawyer, according to Mann Senghak, an adviser for the Free Trade Union.

“They left the prison at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, and they have returned to their homes,” he said.

Judge Vannak confirmed the release of the men, adding that they would remain under court supervision until the charges against them were heard at trial or dismissed.

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