Trash Collectors Nabbed Over Late Night Brawl

A dozen Phnom Penh trash collectors were arrested in connection with a brawl that injured a bystander, police said on Wednesday.

Employees of the city’s contracted trash collection company, Cintri, attacked a group of market guards on Tuesday night who allegedly insulted them, Pur Senchey district police chief Yim Sarann said.

He said Sor Mithona, a garment worker, was set upon by the trash collectors who mistook him for one of the guards.

“The Cintri workers thought the victim was one of the guards, that’s why they fought him,” he said.

Mr. Mithona received a bloody cut above his right eye that was treated at a nearby clinic, Mr. Sarann said.

The Cintri workers had, in the meantime, gathered more of their colleagues to attack Mr. Mithona as he left the clinic, but were arrested by police who were patrolling the area before they could strike a second time, he said.

Only three or four of the 12 arrested trash collectors were likely involved in the original attack and would be sent to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court today for possible charges, he said.

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