Top CPP Brass Pack New Tribunal Task Force

A new government task force on the Khmer Rouge tribunal that was announced on Wednesday will be led by Deputy Prime Minister Bin Chhin and include the chairman of the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) and the head of the government’s Human Rights Committee.

A statement, dated Tuesday and signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen, notes the aim of the new 10-member panel is to make the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia “run smoothly and successfully.”

The new body is responsible for lobbying for funds from the U.N. and donor countries, managing the tribunal’s “legacy work” and ensuring the court’s achievements are replicated in the country’s judiciary.

The task force is packed with high-ranking officials, including ACU Chairman Om Yentieng, Keo Remy, head of the government’s Human Rights Committee, and Chhay Sinarith, deputy National Police commissioner.

There was no explanation of the individual roles of the officials and none of them could be reached for comment.

Correction: Earlier version of the article incorrectly stated that Deputy Prime Minister Bin Chhin led negotiations in the establishment of the Khmer Rouge tribunal. The talks were led by late-Deputy Prime Minister Sok An.

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