Sword-Swinging Robbers Nabbed in Phnom Penh

A dangerous gang of thieves known to use swords to scare their victims was finally captured in Phnom Penh’s Russei Keo district yesterday after carrying out a string of robberies across the capital, police said.

Two of the bandits were caught in the act of robbing a woman in front of a Tela gas station at about 1:20 a.m., according to deputy district police chief Iv Chhunpheng.

“The suspects took her bracelet, necklace and motorbike,” he said. “But our forces had been following them and immediately took action.”

Once arrested, the pair led police to four associates hiding out in an abandoned factory in Tuol Sangke commune, Mr. Chhunpheng said.

“This group was an active one, and one that mostly used swords to attack and rob their victims,” he said, adding that they had carried out more than 20 recent robberies using a Honda Dream and Toyota Land Cruiser to scour the city for potential targets.

The vehicles were seized as evidence, along with six samurai-style swords, a meat cleaver and an ax, the deputy chief said.

The men, who are being held at the district police station, will be sent to the municipal court this week, he added.


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