Siem Reap Police Chief Booted Over ‘Problem’

National Police Chief Neth Savoeun on Monday said the sudden transfer of Siem Reap’s provincial police chief from his post after only two months on the job was needed to improve policing in the province, but did not elaborate.

On Sunday, officials refused to explain why Hou Vanny was being transferred to the Interior Ministry’s tourism department—on orders from Interior Minister Sar Kheng—after such a short run.

At Monday’s handover ceremony in Siem Reap City, General Savoeun told the audience that the move was made necessary by an unspecified problem.

“There is really a problem; that’s why we have to remove him. But it is not necessary for me to give an explanation,” he said. “I wish to state that there is only one purpose for the removal. The change was necessary to speed up work and make it more effective.”

On Sunday, Mr. Vanny said he did not know the reason for his transfer, but was happy to comply.

He was replaced by Tith Narong, the police chief of Siem Reap City.

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