Russians Arrested After 2 Kg Marijuana Seizure

Police arrested two Russian nationals in Sihanoukville before they could transport more than 2 kg of marijuana to Vietnam by bus, authorities said on Tuesday.

Boris Koldincev, a 42-year-old suspected marijuana dealer who had been under investigation for months, was detained on Monday morning in the city’s Buon commune, said Sun Sophat, deputy provincial police chief in charge of drug crimes.

At Mr. Koldincev’s rented apartment, police found the drugs and arrested his girlfriend, Diana Petrikeeva, 30.

“The suspects confessed the marijuana belongs to them and they were attempting to send it to Vietnam,” Mr. Sophat said.

The deputy chief said efforts had been made to conceal the marijuana by packing it in plastic bags, which were wrapped in more plastic, then placed into a backpack and packed into a suitcase surrounded by clothes.

Police confiscated 2.1 kg of marijuana, a camera, two scales and two bongs from the apartment, where the couple had lived for five months, Mr. Sophat said.

Documents were being prepared on Tuesday to send the pair to court, he added.

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