Road Rage Shooting Lands Military Officer in Court

A military officer who fired his pistol following a minor traffic accident on Saturday night was sent to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Monday for questioning, an official said, declining to name the soldier or disclose his rank.

National Military Police spokesman Eng Hy said the officer, who had been driving a Lexus SUV with military license plates, was sent to court on Monday, declining to comment further.

On Sunday, Maing Sokluch, chief of the Phnom Penh military police’s penal bureau, said the soldier got into an accident with a motorbike taxi driver in Sen Sok district at about 9 p.m. Saturday, resulting in a small scratch to the side of the SUV.

“The single gunshot occurred after the accident,” he said, adding that the moto-taxi driver was unharmed. “The vehicle sped off before we arrived at the scene so we couldn’t arrest him then, but he abandoned his car a little way down Street 271, so we confiscated it,” Mr. Sokluch said.

Deputy municipal military police commander Pol Davy said the soldier was arrested on Sunday afternoon but also declined to give further details.

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