Road Rage Shooter Not Military Officer: Police

A man who shot up a bus in a road rage incident on Wednesday night attempted to pass as military personnel to police, according to officials.

Eng Kosal, 37, fired a handgun at a privately-owned bus several times when it failed to stop after colliding with his car in Phnom Penh’s Russei Keo district, according to a report by Mao Chanthon, the chief of the district’s anti-drug bureau, published on news website Fresh News.

Mr. Kosal, who was arrested at the scene for unlawful shooting of a firearm, told police he was working as a bodyguard and soldier from the military unit 499, the chief said in the report.

But Eng Sorphea, chief of Phnom Penh’s minor crimes bureau, where the suspect was transferred to, said Mr. Kosal was just a civilian, and had lied to protect himself.

“He lied about his identity out of panic for illegally owning a gun,” he said.

Mr. Sorphea said there had been no injuries in the incident.

Video footage of the scene posted on Fresh News shows seven bullet holes in the back of the bus.

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