‘Rich Kids’ Arrested for Using Ecstasy at Party

Police broke up a birthday party at a karaoke parlor in Battambang City on Sunday night and arrested all 16 revelers for using Ecstasy on the premises, officials said on Monday.

“We raided the karaoke room last night at 9:30 p.m. and arrested them while they were using drugs and dancing to music at the Pacific Night Test karaoke club,” said Chet Vanny, deputy chief of Battambang provincial police.

Brigadier General Vanny said the 16 people in the room—all between the ages of 18 and 27—would be sent to the Battambang Provincial Court today after failing urine tests conducted on Monday by provincial anti-drug police.

He said the Pacific Night Test in Svay Por commune—a nightclub with private karaoke rooms—was one of several establishments in the city known to condone drug use among patrons.

Chea Soknal, deputy chief of the provincial police’s anti-drug bureau, said the 16 partygoers were arrested after a plainclothes officer at the venue alerted his superiors to their drug use.

“They are rich kids who were using drugs to enjoy a birthday party,” he said.

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