Reporter Files Complaint Over Police Threat

The Mondolkiri Provincial Court will investigate a complaint filed by a local reporter on Thursday accusing a pair of police officials of accosting him for taking photographs of their illicit timber operation over the weekend, a court official said.

Doem Soeun, a reporter for the Apsara News Network, has said that Suos Vora, a deputy police chief in Keo Seima district, and Mr. Vora’s younger brother Suos Angkea, a local border police official, caught him photographing a pile of illegally logged wood on their property and responded by deleting the photos, threatening him with a beating and detaining him for more than an hour.

Mr. Soeun said he filed a complaint on Thursday with Long Hokmeng, the provincial court’s chief prosecutor, after he was twice rebuffed by deputy prosecutor Chea Sovannthet.

“The prosecutor promised that he will find justice for me, and my main purpose is finding justice for myself and preventing this kind of incident from happening to other journalists in the future,” he said.

Mr. Hokmeng confirmed receipt of the complaint and promised to “proceed with this case,” declining further comment.

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