Reflective Stickers to Be Applied to Vehicles Nationwide

Officials will apply more than 3 million light-reflective stickers to vehicles across the country as part of a new campaign to reduce traffic accidents, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced on Tuesday.

Speaking during the inauguration of a 140-km stretch of National Road 44 in Kompong Speu province, the premier said efforts to improve road safety were being hindered by a lack of reflectors on crude vehicles.

“At night time, ox carts, horse carts or motor-trailers without reflective lights for other drivers to see are dangerous. Because there are no reflectors, it’s easy for drivers to hit others,” Mr. Hun Sen said.

Starting this week, he said, officials from a range of government bodies will begin applying some 3.4 million reflective stickers to vehicles nationwide. The stickers, he added, have been donated by Mitsubishi and the local Chip Mong Group and will be applied for free.

“If somebody brings a sticker to sell to you…let that person be arrested and handed over to me,” he said.

The 2015 Traffic Law requires lights or reflectors on bicycles, trailers and semi-trailers, as well as carts pulled by people, animals, motorbikes and bicycles.

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