Radio Host Goes to Court Over Defamation Lawsuit

Popular radio host Mam Sonando was questioned in court on Monday over a defamation lawsuit he brought against But Buntenh that claimed remarks made by the outspoken monk last year impugned his honor and his party’s reputation.

The case centers on a video But Buntenh released on social media in which he said Mr. Sonando had formed his own party, the Beehive Social Democratic Party, because he failed to negotiate a lawmaker position for both him and his wife within the opposition CNRP.

On his way out of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, Mr. Sonando told reporters that But Buntenh had made false and damaging allegations against him by claiming he “talked price” with the CNRP.

“It affected my honor, my party’s reputation and my supporters,” he said.

Mr. Sonando said the court had sought to summon the monk for questioning, but he was currently thought to be in the U.S. Ly Sophana, the court’s spokesman, said deputy prosecutor Srey Makny would continue to investigate the case following Monday’s hearing.

But Buntenh could not be reached for comment.

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