Prison Employees Accused in Sextortion Case

Three Prey Veng provincial prison workers have been accused of accepting bribes and failing to supervise an inmate who allegedly extorted hundreds of dollars from a woman while behind bars, an official said on Thursday.

Yem Bros, 43, was transferred to Prey Sar prison in Phnom Penh after a 45-year-old woman told police last month that he threatened to post nude videos of her online if she didn’t pay him $5,000, authorities said.

The woman had shared the explicit videos with him over Facebook and had already given him $500, they said.

Police said three prison employees had been paid off and failed to adequately watch Mr. Bros while he used a laptop computer in the prison’s library.

Sorn Keo, spokesman for the Interior Ministry’s prison department, declined to identify the prison workers, whom he accused of taking “some small bribes.”

He also said “they were careless” for not supervising Mr. Bros in the library.

Chan Kimseng, director of the Interior Ministry’s general department of prisons, said Interior Minister Sar Kheng would decide whether the three would be suspended and demoted in rank.

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