Prison Drug Smuggler Says Husband Forced Her

A mother of four admitted at trial on Wednesday that she hid crystal methamphetamine in her underwear and tried to smuggle it into Phnom Penh’s PJ Prison because her husband had threatened to beat her.

Chhuon Sras, 44, was arrested in September after visiting convicted drug trafficker Kuy Sreyleak, Phnom Penh Municipal Court Judge Meng Tony said on Wednesday.

Police found 12 sachets of crystal meth in condoms hidden in Ms. Sras’ underwear, with another sachet in some beef, the judge said.

Ms. Sras admitted that she had taken food to the prison before and was paid 30,000 riel, or about $7.50.

She said her husband, who knew Ms. Sreyleak, had forced her to do it.

“If I did not do it, he will beat me,” she said.

Ms. Sras, who is charged with drug trafficking, faces a verdict and sentencing on April 11.

A motorbike driver, Mong Vitou, 18, who told police previously that he was paid 10,000 riel, or about $2.50, to drive Ms. Sras to prison, has been charged with drug use.

He remains at large.

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