Police Bust Ringleader With Meth, Ketamine

A man believed to be the leader of a network of drug dealers was caught red-handed with a smorgasbord of illicit substances, including methamphetamine and ketamine, at his house in Battambang province on Tuesday, police said on Wednesday.

Hong Pov, 56, was busted with 2,996 methamphetamine pills equal to 295.7 grams, 8.19 grams of crystal methamphetamine and 5.49 grams of ketamine at his Boeng Raing commune residence, according to police.

“Apart from drugs, police also found a soldier’s uniform inside his house. However, police couldn’t confirm whether he is still working as a soldier,” said Nget Vanna, chief of Kamrieng district’s serious crimes bureau.

Police could confirm, however, that Mr. Pov had run a welding business as a front and had been investigated by authorities for years before they were finally able to catch him, Mr. Vanna said.

“He is a careful man, and it is not easy to get into his house to look around,” he said.

With Mr. Pov awaiting charges, police were now focused on locating and arresting his distributors, he added.

Deputy provincial police chief Koy Heang said a gun and a Toyota Camry had also been seized from the suspect, who is scheduled to be sent to court Thursday morning.

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