Police Arrest Finnish Man for Drug Use in Kampot

A Finnish man was arrested at a guesthouse in Kampot City on Thursday in possession of a large bag of marijuana after the owner complained about his regular drug use, a police official said.

Perttu Aarnio, 38, was apprehended in his room at The River Lodge at 9:30 a.m., according to deputy provincial police chief In Chiva.

“I led my officers to arrest the marijuana user following a complaint from the landlady,” Mr. Chiva said, referring to the Finnish owner of the guesthouse, Mika Sundqvist, who filed a statement with police on Tuesday accusing Mr. Aarnio of “[c]ausing problems to business.”

“[P]olice need to take action on this now!” the statement says. Mr. Chiva said police found a bag containing “less than a kilo” of marijuana in the man’s room—along with a bamboo bong—but would not pursue charges.

“We do not want to charge him, but we will educate him about smoking marijuana before releasing him,” he said, adding that while Mr. Aarnio would be sent to the Kampot Pro­vincial Court today, he would personally instruct the prosecutor to release the Finn.

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