Oversized Truck Crackdown Shifts Into High Gear

The government has issued a new proclamation outlining the legal dimensions of trucks and set up a working group to find and punish those building them to illegal proportions.

The Transportation Ministry issued a proclamation last Tuesday laying out the legal weights and dimensions of trucks.

Interior Minister Sar Kheng issued a second proclamation the same day setting up the working group.

Meng Chhunheng, deputy director of the Transport Ministry’s road transport department, who sits on the new working group, said on Monday that the 12-member body would soon meet to plan enforcement of the rules and decide on penalties.

“A lot of owners do not respect the law when they assemble their trucks and they have damaged infrastructure like roads because they are overweight or they have caused accidents,” he said.

“Heavy measures will be taken against owners who build their trucks illegally,” he added, declining to discuss what those measures might be.

Mr. Chhunheng said he had no idea how many such trucks were plying Cambodia’s roads, but estimated that the garages assembling them numbered in the “hundreds.”

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