Officials Inspect Walkway Slated for Redevelopment

Businesses occupying prime real estate on Phnom Penh’s riverfront could be forced to relocate to make way for an extension of a walkway proposed by the Tourism Ministry, an official said on Friday.

Phnom Penh Governor Pa Socheatvong was accompanied by City Hall officials on a walk through the area on Friday to determine the cost and scale of the work required if the plan went ahead, City Hall spokesman Mean Chanyada said.

Some businesses would need to relocate to make way for an extension of the existing pedestrian space, Mr. Chanyada said, although more discussions would be held before officials reached a decision.

“We haven’t discussed the solution yet, but the main thing is they would have to move,” he said.

“I can’t say anything about the impact of the plan before we have discussions,” Mr. Chanyada added.

The proposal submitted by the ministry to City Hall last month also recommends closing vehicle access to the heavily traveled Sisowath Quay from the Royal Palace to the Post Office on Saturday and Sunday nights in a bid to boost visitors to the area.

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