Nigerians, Cambodian Jailed for Credit Scheme

Six Nigerian nationals and a Cambodian man have been sentenced to one year in prison for theft over a scheme involving stolen credit card details.

During a trial hearing last month, Phnom Penh Municipal Court Judge Top Chhun Heng said the men had received watches and telephones bought by Australian-based associates using stolen credit card information.

The defendants then sold the items to stores across Phnom Penh and sent the proceeds back to Australia, he said.

In a verdict hearing on Tuesday, Judge Chhun Heng ordered the Nigerian nationals be deported after completing their one-year sentences, and banned them from re-entering the country for five years.

During a trial hearing on January 19, Hun Rithy, deputy bureau chief of the Interior Ministry’s internal security department, said he was unaware of any arrests having been made in Australia.

“The proof is the watches and phones.

It matched with what had been [purchased] in Australia,” he said.

In the same hearing, deputy prosecutor Um Sopheak said that according to Australian authorities, the credit card details had been “hacked.”

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