NGO Workers Who Took Bribe Let Off With Warning

A pair of NGO workers who demanded a bribe from a local farmer were let off with a warning after confessing on Sunday, a district governor in Kompong Chhnang province said on Monday.

Khuon Saorom, the governor of Boribor district, said he summoned the two men, employees of Conservation Protection Water Resources and Forest, on Sunday morning after hearing that they had just taken a bribe of about $30 from a local resident who was farming near a protected flooded forest.

He said the farmer had failed to report the fact that he had resumed working his land, as all farmers in the area must do every season, and that the NGO workers demanded $30 in exchange for not reporting the infraction.

The governor said he was satisfied with a letter the pair’s boss signed promising that his employees would stop demanding bribes.

“We did not arrest them, but we advised them not to commit this crime anymore,” he said.

The NGO could not be reached for comment.

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