National Assembly to Consider Overseas Voting Proposal ‘Soon’

The National Assembly will consider the opposition’s proposal to allow overseas voting “soon,” a spokesman said on Tuesday.

Leng Peng Long said the Assembly had received the CNRP’s draft law on Monday, and was passing it along to the body’s permanent committee for a decision.

The CNRP has said that it submitted the proposal on Friday and requested that it be urgently considered.

Mr. Peng Long said the permanent committee’s officials were reviewing the law and would make a decision “soon” on whether it would make in onto the committee’s agenda.

CNRP lawmaker Ky Wandara, one of 33 signatories to the draft law, said he was optimistic that the law could become reality, despite the fact that the ruling CPP firmly controls the Assembly with an absolute majority.

“The politicians should be understanding on this issue, if they have the will to make our country stronger,” Mr. Wandara said.

The CNRP proposal would let Cambodians vote at embassies and consulates abroad, and allow the National Election Committee to establish polling stations along borders with neighboring countries.

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