Motorbike Thief Gets 14 Years Added to Sentence

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Wednesday added 14 years to the growing sentence of a motorbike taxi driver who already faces 77 years in prison after being convicted of multiple motorbike robberies.

Presiding Judge Chea Sokchandeth sentenced Nuch Samnang, 28, on two counts of theft with aggravating circumstances and one count of illegal weapons possession for robberies committed last year in the city’s Dangkao district.

Earlier this month, Mr. Samnang was convicted for more than 11 motorbike robberies and sentenced to 77 years in prison.

In court on Wednesday, Judge Sokchandeth also ordered Mr. Samnang to pay 8 million riel, or about $2,000, to one of the plaintiffs.

The defendant also admitted to another robbery last July in which he and three accomplices used a gun to steal a university student’s motorbike.

“I am a motorbike taxi driver. There are not many customers so I did not know what else to do,” Mr. Samnang told the court on Wednesday.

Judge Sokchandeth said the verdict in that case would be announced on October 26.

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