Moneylender Charged for Removing Client’s House

The Mondolkiri Provincial Court on Tuesday charged a moneylender and three of her employees for dismantling and confiscating a debtor’s wooden shack last week, officials said.

The moneylender, Phon Nary, 51, is accused of removing the home of ethnic Bunong farmer Khvoeung Khort, 28, from his property in Sen Monorom City’s Sokdum commune while he and his family were away visiting relatives.

She was seeking recompense for a $2,300 debt incurred in February that had swollen to $4,300 with interest.

Pyus Chenda, a provincial serious crimes police officer, said the court charged Ms. Nary and her employees with intentionally causing damage “even though the three men claimed they were just carrying out orders.”

The defendants are being held at the provincial prison, she added.

Under the Criminal Code, intentional property damage carries a penalty of six months to two years in prison and a fine of 1 to 4 million riel (about $250 to $1,000).

Mao Kimseng, deputy chief of the provincial police’s judicial bureau, said the suspects had confessed to the crime.

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