Ministry to Conduct Inspections Over Sand Dredging

Officials from the Mines and Energy Ministry plan this week to inspect sand-dredging companies and meet with residents in Koh Kong province who have long complained about the ecological consequences of the practice.

“We will explain the impact and benefits of sand-dredging to local residents and get their feedback,” Hing Tun, director of the ministry’s mining department, said on Monday.

Officials will meet with residents in Koh Kong district’s Koh Kapi commune today before inspecting sand-dredging sites in the area, according to a trip schedule.

On Wednesday, ministry officials will inspect the dredging operations of Odom Seima and LYP Group.

Commerce Ministry records from 2009 list Prime Minister Hun Sen’s daughters Hun Mana and Hun Maly as Odom Seima shareholders, while LYP Group is owned by CPP senator and tycoon Ly Yong Phat.

The ministry has faced intense scrutiny after records indicated a massive discrepancy in the amount of sand Cambodia reported exporting and that which Singapore reported importing.

Mr. Tun said the ministry was visiting the area because of local concerns over new mining licenses.

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