Ministry Asks Locals to Help Prevent Zika Outbreak

The Ministry of Health called on residents to help prevent the outbreak of Zika in Cambodia, as the number of cases in the region has surged this year, according to a statement released Friday.

The ministry suggests avoiding mosquito bites by getting rid of standing water in and around homes, wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants and sleeping under mosquito nets.

Health Ministry spokesman Ly Sovann said Cambodia has not seen any cases of the mosquito-borne virus since 2010, but with dozens of cases in Thailand and Singapore this year, the ministry is concerned about the potential spread of the disease.

“If it is quickly transmitted, it will disturb our living, working, and cost us money,” Dr. Sovann said.

This year, Thailand reported 97 Zika cases, while Singapore had 242, Vietnam had two, and Malaysia one, according to media reports.

Despite Zika’s treatability, the ministry is monitoring the disease’s spread in neighboring countries, Dr. Sovann said, adding that the government has set up thermal scanners at international airports and major land border crossings including Bavet and Poipet.

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