Military Official Shoots Drunk Staffer in Throat

Military police in Kompong Cham province arrested a military officer on Tuesday morning after he fatally shot one of his deputies in the throat during an argument, police said.

Lout Chhun, who managed one of three offices in a barracks in Stung Trang district’s O’Mlou commune, was at his office at about 8 p.m. on Monday when he was disturbed by Chan Pov, one of his deputies, said Pak Cheat, the district police chief.

“They had an argument, and [Chan Pov] was drunk,” said Men Bunrith, a deputy provincial military police commander, adding that the reasons for the argument remained unclear.

Mr. Chhun then pulled out his handgun and shot Chan Pov in the throat and the deputy died at the scene, Mr. Cheat said.

Afterward, Mr. Chhun drove his motorbike to the provincial military headquarters, though it wasn’t clear whether he intended to turn himself in, Mr. Cheat said.

Mr. Bunrith said Mr. Chhun was being held at the provincial military police headquarters following his arrest and was set to appear at the provincial court today.

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