Men Arrested for Logging In Thailand to Be Let Go

Four Cambodian men arrested by Thai soldiers on Saturday for allegedly logging rosewood in Thailand’s Trat province will likely be released from Thai police custody without charge today, an official said.

Cambodians Un Pros, 23; Un Tim, 21; Lam Den, 18; and Phouk Lyhour, 14, were arrested by Thai soldiers after illegally crossing the border from Battambang province into Trat province, while a fifth man escaped, officials said Sunday.

Sim Pesith, deputy director of the Cambodia-Thailand border relations office, said Trat provincial police had agreed to release the men, who were being held at the Trat provincial police headquarters.

“We contacted the Thai authorities yesterday and they promised to release the four people soon,” Mr. Pesith said yesterday. “Up to this time, I did not see the release of the four people. I think they will be released tomorrow.”

Asked what consequences the men would face upon their release, Mr. Piseth said: “We will educate them when they are released and let them go back home.”

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