Man Nabbed for Extorting Ex With Nude Photographs

A young man was arrested by police in Kandal province on Sunday morning for using nude photographs of his teenage ex-girlfriend to extort money from her, police said on Monday.

Officers ambushed Kan Sokunthearith, 22, at a riverside park in Takhmao City at about 9:30 a.m. after helping the victim, a 17-year-old high school student, arrange a fake exchange, according to city police chief Sim Buth Bundith.

Mr. Sokunthearith had threatened to post the photos—sent to him by his ex-girlfriend while they were still dating—to Facebook if she did not pay him $300, Mr. Buth Bundith said.

The girl paid $400 in response to a similar threat earlier in the year, but could not afford his latest demand, he said.

“When they were in love, she sent many naked photos to him,” said provincial police chief Eav Chamroeun, adding that Mr. Sokunthearith at one point uploaded a photo that did not show her face—to show her that his threat was genuine.

“The victim couldn’t put up with it, so she reported him to the authorities,” he said. Mr. Sokunthearith was questioned at the Takhmao police station on Monday and confessed to extorting his ex-girlfriend, Mr. Buth Bundith said.

He is due in court today.

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