Husband Arrested Over Wife’s Alleged Murder

A mother of two from Pursat province who had previously reported her husband’s violent behavior to police was allegedly murdered by him on Sunday night after she refused to have sex with him, an official said on Tuesday.

After Suon Thy, 35, refused the advances of her husband, Chheng Sarith, 35, he picked up a sickle and struck her in the back of the head at about 11:40 p.m., according to deputy district police chief Lou Bunlay.

“He was drunk at that time and he asked his wife to sleep with him, but she refused. When she came to sleep on the bed under the house, he hacked her from behind,” he said.

The suspect, a corn farmer, was “educated” by district police officers last year in response to a complaint filed by his wife that he had broken household items during an argument, Mr. Bunlay said, but was not charged because no one was injured.

Deputy provincial police chief Keo Sokunthea said the police had questioned the suspect and he would be sent to the Pursat Provincial Court today.

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