First National Police Test Seeks 4,000 New Recruits

The Interior Ministry on Sunday conducted its first national police exam—previously done at the provincial level—aiming to recruit more than 4,000 new officers and dispel allegations of corruption in the hiring process, a ministry official said.

Em Sam An, a secretary of state at the ministry who oversaw the exam, said more than 20,000 candidates sat for the one-day written test across the country, and that more than 4,000 would join the police force.

“This is the first national exam to recruit police officers because we need candidates that have good qualities, better than previous years,” he said.

Mr. Sam An said the Interior Ministry conducted a national exam to avoid public criticism and dispel accusations that the hiring process was beset by local corruption and nepotism.

“We allowed the provincial police chiefs to recruit police officers in previous years, but now the Interior Ministry has conducted the exam to recruit directly, and we will send the candidates who passed the exam to the provincial levels,” he said.

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