Family on the Run After Electrocuting Neighbor

A homeowner could face a murder charge after an electric wire he installed to protect his house in Russei Keo district fatally electrocuted a neighbor and shocked an 11-year-old boy, police said on Monday.

The incident on Sunday afternoon happened after the boy, Chang Yang Chi, chased a chicken onto the homeowner’s property and stepped on the wire, said Chin Satyia, the chief of Chraing Chamreh II commune.

Another neighbor, Doung Soksovorn, 43, who was swimming in a nearby river, heard the boy’s screams, ran to help and also stepped on the wire, Mr. Satyia said.

“Doung Soksovorn was wet…. He died immediately,” he said.

The boy was treated at a health center.

Police said they are now searching for the homeowner, Try Phon, who was away at the time of the incident and did not return home with his wife and two children after hearing about the death.

Commune police chief Nos Savy said Mr. Phon could face a murder charge as had installed the wire around the house to stop neighbors from encroaching on his property.

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