Eight Cleaners Being Repatriated From Malaysia

Eight Cambodian cleaners are being repatriated from Malaysia after they fled their workplaces due to poor conditions and unpaid wages, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Tuesday.

According to a ministry statement, the eight women moved to Malaysia last year.

Two of them filed a complaint with Malaysian police in November and an investigation was opened into their employer, it says.

The women have been questioned in court in relation to the case, which will reopen next week and be attended by Cambodian Embassy officials, the statement says.

“All eight cleaners stayed temporarily at a women’s shelter,” it says.

“The eight cleaners requested to be repatriated to Cambodia” and are set to arrive at 7:50 a.m. today, it says.

“The Cambodian Embassy negotiated with the employer and it has promised to pay their salaries in full.”

Cambodian maids were banned from working in Malaysia about six years ago after reports of widespread abuse, but the Labor Ministry announced earlier this month that a new deal to lift the restrictions could be finalized by the end of the month.

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