Dozing on Tracks, Man Run Over by Train in Takeo

For the second time this year, a man who had passed out drunk on train tracks in Takeo province’s Samraong district was run over by a train and killed in the early hours of the morning on Friday.

Kuch Reaksmey, an unemployed 22-year-old, had been drinking at a party near his home in Samraong commune from about 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. before wandering away, said deputy provincial police chief Soun Phon.

“The kids were partying for a housewarming at his relative’s house. He got very drunk and he went to sleep on the train tracks,” he said.

Mr. Phon said the train made a ruckus that could be heard throughout Krang Ta Oun village as it approached the man.

“There were a lot of train horns, more than normal,” he said.

Local residents found Kuch Reaksmey’s body, which had been dragged some 300 meters by the train, only when the sun rose, he said.

Deputy district police chief Khun Yann said another man died in June after drunkenly falling asleep on the train tracks after a wedding reception.

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